Non-surgical Treatment

There are several things you can do to treat your bunion without surgery.  Because the bunion is a structural problem, the conservative treatment is centered on symptom relief and will likely not reduce the size of the bunion but may eliminate any associated pain.

Things you can do:

  1. Wear appropriate fitting shoes.
  2. Avoid crowing your toes in your shoes.
  3. Avoid high heel shoes.
  4. Having your shoe stretched – “spot stretch”.
  5. Cutting an “X” in the shoe overlying the bunion.
  6. Try to pad the shoe.
  7. Use a bunion pad to protect the bunion from rubbing on the shoe.
  8. Try a splint to hold the big toe over.
  9. Try a spacer between the big toe and the second toe.
  10. Use an over the counter insole to better align the foot.
  11. Calf stretches.
  12. Ice the area (Avoid if you have circulation or sensation problems).
  13. Change your activities.

Things your doctor can add:

  1. Begin Anti-inflammatories to help reduce inflammation.
  2. Prescribe a custom insole (orthotics) for your shoe.
  3. Cortisone injection(s).
  4. Discuss & perform surgery.

Other Common Questions

Can I  prevent a bunion from getting worse?

Maybe.  With proper shoes and insoles you may be able to halt the progression.

How bad can a bunion get?

Your bunion may stay the same size it is now or progress.  It is impossible to tell which bunions will progress.

What does an end-stage bunion look like?













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